Jordon Mazziotti

Comedian. Father. Bow Tie Activist.


  • Funny 100%
  • Comical 100%
  • Hilarious 100%
  • Attractive 45%
Jordon Mazziotti_Headshot

Here are some words that describe me.

Jordon Mazziotti is a stand up comedian who currently resides in Utah, but wishes he was from Canada.  Jordon brings a color coordinated, bow tied observational style of comedy to the stage that spans from the crazy antics of his young family to the weird stuff that happens to a white man in his 30s. Jordon is a professional graphic designer by day and a comedian by whenever his wife allows him to.

Jordon is a co-producer of the SLC Comedy Carnivale, a budding comedy festival based out of Salt Lake City held head September.  Jordon also produces a popular quarterly comedy show, the It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City Comedy Showcase, held at Keys on Main in Dowtown SLC.

He as been accepted to the Idaho Laugh Festival in January 2015.


Typical Gig Duration: 3 – 45 minutes

I offer an observational style of comedy that can appeal to all crowds. If the event allows I can push the boundaries tastefully.

Stage/Setup Requirements:

Micophone – Mic stand


My setlist is observational and spans many topics.
They range from family and children, pop culture, current events and more.

Available for Your

Birthday Party, Showcase Shows, Competition, Corporate Event, Cruise, Fundraiser, Hotel, Private Party, Reunion


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